Gas cylinder pull-outs
Gas cylinder pull-outs

Gas cylinder pull-outs

Quick Facts
Function: fully extendable in start and end position, lockable
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Material: steel
Weight: approx. 8 kg

Description of
Product Group Gas cylinder pull-outs

Are you looking for a convenient solution for your customers to make it easier to change gas bottles in their caravan or motorhome? Our gas bottle pull-outs can be fitted in a vehicle garage, can be fully pulled out of the vehicle and thus allow an ergonomic and convenient exchange of the gas bottles.

One pull-out offers space for two gas bottles with a weight of 11 kg each. The supplied gallows allow the controllers, connectors and locking straps to be attached and guarantee easy access to them. A locking device secures the pull-out in the retracted and fully extended position to ensure safe handling.


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