Pivoting table leg
Pivoting table leg

Pivoting table leg

Quick Facts
Function: Can be subdivided to make a bed 360° rotatable, tabletop extension
Info I Customization possible! Arrow
Material: aluminium
Weight: approx. 1.3 kg

Description of
Product Group Pivoting table leg

A simple yet clever way to turn the dining area in your motorhome or camper van into an extra bed is with our turn-out base. The super lightweight table base is made of aluminum and weighs only 1.3 kg. This table base is available in various heights and colors and, as a subdivided base, allows for easy bed construction by pulling off the lower section. Space-saving storage when not in use is guaranteed by the second partition immediately below the table top. A second table top can be mounted under the table top, which can be rotated through 360° and acts as a table top extension up to the passenger seat or towards the kitchenette. Two rails are attached to the side of the vehicle at dining and sleeping height, into which the tabletop is simply hooked. The variable seating area is ready.


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