Tabletop extension systems
Tabletop extension systems

Tabletop extension systems

Quick Facts
Function: Extendable, extendable, rotatable, movable
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Material: steel
Weight: approx. 12 kg

Description of
Product Group Tabletop extension systems

Our various pull-out systems provide a convenient tabletop extension. We offer variants for living room furniture as well as for motorhomes. Our extension frames can be combined with our height-adjustable table frames to get the maximum functionality out of our mechanisms.

Our combination and tornado frames, which can be operated on one side and with one hand by means of a synchronous pull-out, are particularly easy to handle. The central extension leaf, hidden underneath the tabletop, automatically moves up or rotates into the desired position. The maximum tabletop size is 2000 x 1000 mm and the extension leaf can be up to 520 mm wide. A lateral tabletop extension is offered by our Liberty frame. The mechanism installed underneath the tabletop guides the extension leaf into the lateral end position. On request, this extension can be mounted on both sides, so that a max. 2000 x 1000 mm tabletop can be extended by up to 1100 mm.

Our extending frames for motorhomes are designed to make ideal use of the limited space in the vehicle and are therefore as compact as possible. In order to grant maximum comfort nevertheless, all frames are equipped with a transverse and longitudinal shift so that the tabletop can be moved out of the passageway into the sitting area; in addition, they are available with 360° rotation. The extension leaf, which is centred under the tabletop, can be moved into the end position using the push-lock function. The synchronous pull-out that can be operated from both sides allows the tabletop to be extended by up to 300 mm.


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