Lifting Beds
Lifting beds

Lifting beds

Quick Facts
Function: Individual height-adjustable. Maximize storage space underneath the bed.
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Material: aluminium
Weight: approx. 25-28 kg

Description of
Product Group Lifting Beds

Our smooth-running and individually height-adjustable lift beds are available in various versions thanks to our high manufacturing diversity. Both the frame size and the gas pressure spring filling are adapted to the vehicle you have developed. There is a choice of various brackets for mounting in the vehicle as well as guide rails for recessing into the wall or for screwing on.
The beds can be mounted crosswise and lengthwise, can optionally be operated from both sides and are completely self-sufficient and maintenance-free due to the use of gas pressure springs for height adjustment. Of course, wall cupboards can be mounted underneath the bed so that storage space inside the vehicle does not have to be foregone despite the lifting bed. The lifting range of our mechanisms is approx. 1100 mm, the total weight approx. 25-28 kg with a load capacity of 800 kg (static) or 250 kg (dynamic).


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